Chairman Mao's Propaganda PostersPropagandaIdeas and information to help a person, institution, group, or nation.In Mao terms: Ideas and information spread in order to get people to follow his beliefs and follow him.For propaganda, posters were used the most often because many people from rural areas were illiterate and could see what the pictures were.Red was the most common color used because not only did it represent communism but it also represented revolution and China was going through a revolution.

Chang Sheng made this poster for Mao. Its intentions were to motivate people to read Mao's Little Red Book every day. The meaning of the poster is, "Don't wait, read Chairman Mao's words of great wisdom." The goal was got people to read Mao's Little Red Book everyday so it would eventually be memorized.

Mao wanted to be known as role model to the people. In order to portray that idea, Mao is surrounded by children in order for him to look like a father and teacher to the children. Once again, Mao makes it look so easy and perfect when following his standards.


Mao came from the peasant class. The poster says, "Peasant's father and god." This poster's intentions are to hook the peasants to him and to make people think that he is representing the peasants so if the peasants follow him, then they will live a better life because Mao knows what it is like to be a peasant and all the work they put in.


This picture states, "Stomp away all monsters and demons." When this poster was made, Mao and Chang Sheng collaborated on the goals intended. The final idea was to denounce citizens that supported other governmental ways. Therefor, stepping on people who believed non-communistic thoughts were considered monsters. Mao and Chang warned about what would happen if you did not follow communist ways, while displaying what would work.


This means, "Destroy Capitalism, we can do it all together and become number one in the world!" This is specifically directed at young men because they are the fittest for standing up to communistic ways in China.

This poster was meant to symbolize that Mao illuminates the road to solutions during the cultural revolution. As you can see, the people are all have smiles on their face like everything is going great with Mao's leadership and illumination.

This poster is trying to make people believe that under the ruling of Chairman Mao, China will become a powerful amazing industrialized country Of course the placement of Mao is in front because that much success could come from his communistic rule.

Families are expected to worship Mao whether it be through carrying Mao's Little Red Book or praising the picture of Mao hanging on their house walls. You might give thanks to Mao for providing the food on the table rather then a religious idol.

"Be smarter then the individual next to you."This poster is referring to the idea that you are smarter then anyone is did not believe in communism.

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