The Little Red Book

"The Little Red Book" is called Quotations From Chairman Mao. It was filled with quotations and rules that Mao wanted his people to follow. Those who did not memorize the book were sent to re-education camps. It was used from 1964 up until the start of the Cultural Revolution.

Mao's Posterschinese-poster_lg.jpgposter.gifmao-propaganda-posters1.jpgChairman Mao's posters were used to help spread his beliefs. His posters showed how good life would be if you followed The Little Red Book's teachings.

The Arts
140px-Jiang_Qing_6.jpg1967-Jiang-Qing.jpgMao's wife, Jing Qing, played a big part in the arts. She was a well-known and only played roles which supported her husband's beliefs.